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for an interesting and fun event
Create team spirit and personal growth with ceramics and throwing on the wheel. Be creative at your happening, kick-off, teambuilding, bachellerette and bachelors party. This increases your well-being and decreases stress.

A fun happening
Gather the group around a special topic, 
improve the team spirit. 
Be remembered. Create fantastic objects! 

Exciting, informative and developing;
the participants will solve different problems.
A very fun and effective way to practise teamwork. 

Many former participants testify of improved teamwork, inspiration and creativity. They overcome their limitations and develop their roles. Comments such as “How fun, I never thought I could do this” are very common.

Every event is custom made for you, to cater for your wishes and requirements. Kick-off, activities for your customers, teambuilding, rewards, or simply whenever you want to have fun.

We can focus on special topics; economy, stress, burn-outs, accuracy, cooperation and the importance of the individual. Many “sensitive” issues can be brought up in a relaxed and fun way.

The size of the groups varies, from just a few up to 120 participants. Half of the people throw on the wheels while others develop ideas, roll the clay or watch and give advice, maybe with a glass of wine in their hands…  

In the gallery we can serve everything from coffee to an elegant dinner.

Here are some popular activities…
An exciting and instructive teambuilding exercise, the participants gather in groups around their wheels and get to solve different problems, a fun and good exercise in cooperation.

Another teambuilding activity can be that five participants together build a bowl by coiling…..also an exercise in teamwork…

Make cups with names on, for the whole department, to create a sense of belonging  and cosiness (can be used in microwave and dishwasher)

Throw on the wheel for fun with different contests, e.g. the funniest or the most moving creation. Everything to inspire the urge to compete!
Classes in ceramics and throwing on the wheel + possible rent of ceramic studio

The exhibition 
when you get your finished products an exhibition can be inspiring; a way to look back and a forum for follow-up of ongoing projects?


 “The afternoon at Jeanette’s became the start of a much better cooperation. To work together and spend time with each other without the day-to-day duties and roles made us more understanding towards each other. Jeanette helped us to bring the project to a conclusion, her thoughtful comparisons between our project and the clay made us forget the stress and become more creative.

You should be soft as well as determined, determined to succeed with a project and soft not to run people over and compared to the clay you have to be determined in creating the shape and soft for everything not to fall over”.

Mikael Fyhr                                              Technical consultant and project manager                             Enator


Classes in ceramics and throwing on the wheel + possible rent of ceramic studio

Jeannette Andersson
(Stoneware potter)

I make everything from exclusive gifts, company presents to household items and have workshops, courses, and teambuildings. I have my gallery and studio in Sundbyberg, close to Stockholm (the capital of Sweden). Let me know if you want any more information, I will be glad to send it to you. If you are in the neighborhood let me know and we can arrange a meeting.

Surprise a friend, colleague, customer, or treat yourself with some beautiful artwork, I design and creates wine- and beer cups, plates, Arome lamps, bowls etc.... I also accepts orders for special items and decorations.

Who is this Jeannette? She is a young woman full of life who has been teaching since 1975, it all started with Aikido, and then with Dance, specializing in "Take your first dance steps...". For the last  years Jeannette has had her own business/workshop (Jeannette´s Keramik AB”), she has had many students who have taken ordinary classes or private lessons. All her experience and her large interest in how different people learn makes every participant feel special and appreciated. She has had many exhibitions, both by herself and with other artists, her work can be found in many places around the world. Jeannette is interested in doing more things abroad, like having workshops and exhibitions, if you are interested or have any suggestions - don't hesitate to send an e-mail.

Kick-off and Teambuilding

Build team spirit, and get to know each other better, get new employees to feel like part of the company, get rid of stereotypes and assumptions about each other. Maybe to start a project or to celebrate once your done.

You get to work with a new material, and a different way of thinking, I start with a short introduction and show how to use the throwing wheel, then the stage is all Yours.... You can work for a few hours or during a whole day. There are  many throwing wheels and we take turns on those and prepare the clay and give each other helpful remarks!

There are different ways to end the day/evening, depending on what you want, maybe a beer, some coffee, wine and cheese, or continue on to a restaurant

If it suites You better I can come to You instead, then we will work with our hands, without the throwing wheels.

Send an email for more information


Unique items

These are examples of things I have done, but I also accept orders for special items and special requests. Just double-click on the pictures if you want to get it larger.
Vaser Fat kanna
Tillverkning Miniatyrer Skålar
Blått fat Fat Fat
Fat och Vinkalk Aromlampa Aromlampa
Skulptur Skulptur Skulptur
Skulptur Skulptur Skulptur
Granserien Medeltidserien Medeltidserien
muggar Muggar Servis
The servis Vinkalk och bringare Servis
Skulptur Utställning Utställning
Utställning Utställning Sotare
Tillverkning Marknad Marknad
Sotare  Sotare  Sotare 

I leave a bit of myself with every pot,

                   my feelings,  
                                    my hands  
                                                            my heart

Bild på Jeannette när hon drejar


Jeannette´s Keramik & Events AB

 Sundbyberg  Sweden
phone:   +46 (0)70-733 88 18